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Center for Quality of Life; Burt Woolf
Motivational Keynotes and Presentations

Motivating people to live in a quality-of-life context!

Burt Woolf (Founder and Chief Principal of the Center for Quality of Life) delivers lively, thought-provoking keynote presentations on quality-of-life topics and subjects that address the practical issues and challenges of our time:

Personal Transformation
  • Welcome Your Destiny! The 8 Principles for Quality of Life
  • Living at the Edge: Creativity Inside the Box!

Leadership Development
  • Effortless Leadership: Managing Without Struggle!

n The Work Place
  • Beat the Work-Life Balance Conundrum!
  • Satisfaction at Work: "That's Not My Job!"

Stress Management

  • Relax, Recharge, Renew: Don't Burn-Out at the Stake!

Career Re-Invention
  • Unleash Your Passion to Make a Difference!
  • The Nonprofit Executive: "Take My Life, Please!"

  • Successful Relationships From The Inside Out!

About Burt
Burt Woolf has been inspiring people, teams, organizations and communities for nearly 30 years. Burt's life-long mission: to help improve quality of life in the world. He is an engaging speaker, master workshop facilitator, and compassionate coach.

In 2004, Burt began an intense period of personal reflection, study and research at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) Cololege of Education. In 2011 he earned his Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Educational Policy and Leadership. Burt's doctoral research focused on adult transformative learning; namely, ways that people can change their world-view in order to live life more productively and resourcefully, in a context of personal satisfaction and fulfillment, regardless of the challenges they may be facing in their life!

Burt's research, experience and insights into personal, organizational, and community systems led him to develop "The 8 Principles for Quality of Life", a set of strategic guidelines that are the basis for the keynote presentations, workshop topics, and follow-up coaching that Burt now offers.

What people say about Burt's programs?

"Quality of Life": you are effectively addressing one of the most important topics of our time. Each person in the room felt as though you were working with them personally."
- Robert W. Elliott, Deputy Secretary of State, New York State

"You are an inspiring presenter. You make so clear what each of us goes through to deal with the pressures of everyday life. The quality of my own life has been enhanced dramatically as a result. Thank you for this gift."
- Dr. Steven Shama, MD

"...the program was wonderful. My mental attitude is the most positive it has been for a long time!!!!!!"
- Director of University Campus Planning

" unbelievable experience! ...the program helped me to tackle one of my greatest fears."
- Federal Agency State Director

What people say about Burt's programs?

Burt's Quality of Life programs have been featured in Association Management Magazine; in the on-line newsletter of the American Library Association Allied Professional Associations; and on,, and

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